I [Don’t] Walk A Lonely Road..

While I have never seen The Walking Dead before class, I did know about its popularity and  the following it has. What I didn’t realize, though, is the similarities it has to different movies, television shows, and novels. While I cannot speak for anything besides the first episode and a few movies, one thing I do know about is the novel “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. I had read “The Road” back in high school and while I cannot remember all the details from it, I do remember one important things about the book was the love between a man and his son and how he would do anything to protect him from the world around him. A major part of the first episode of The Walking Dead revolved around the same theme, whether it was Morgan and his son Duane or Rick and his son Carl.

In “The Road” the man does everything he can to protect his son. He tries to shield him from the things go around him and puts things into terms he can understand, while also teaching him necessary ways to survive in the society they are now in. In The Walking Dead, Morgan does similar to Duane. Morgan shields Duane from the bad things, such as seeing his mother as a zombie, and tries to make things seem better than they are. Morgan teaches Duane how to survive in the society that is now their new reality, including when to be quiet and when to attack. Both father and son duos are the only people unaffected by the devastation and must learn how to survive in the conditions while being surrounded by zombies/cannibals who want to cause them harm. The amount of protection the fathers show their respective sons is similar and shows their love for them, as they are willing to brave anything that comes their way to save them.

Rick, while not with his son Carl in the first episode, shows his love and devotion. He is constantly thinking about his son and hoping for the best. While Rick is not with his son in the first episode, the amount of love he does show for his son even without him there is similar to that of what Morgan shows Duane and the man shows his son in The Road.

I think what is really interesting about the concept of father-son duos in a society that is collapsing is that a lot of the times it is expected for a person to be lonely. Many people probably think it is easier to go through everything alone, as it is one less person to look after, but these fathers do everything they can for their son’s safety and protection. They are willing to risk their own lives, if need be, to protect their sons and have taught them the necessary things to do if something happens to them. It shows that even when the world around them is crumbling down, their love is still present and will not follow in the footsteps of their society and the world around them. The fathers try to stay positive in the negative world and try to keep a sense of normalcy in this new world where everything is not what it used to be.


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