Wherefore Art Thou Roanoke?

Having never seen American Horror Story yet (It is next in my Netflix list!!), I honestly did now know what to expect when it came to the season premiere we watched in class. At first I was confused, especially since I did not expect a documentary type series, but then I was curious as to where the story was going to go.

I remember learning about Roanoke in high school (the last time I took an American History course, so my memory is limited). I remember it is considered “the lost colony” because the inhabitants seemed to have disappeared without a trace and is considered one of America’s longest standing mysteries, if not the longest.

Seeing the writers and producers chose Roanoke is interesting, but what I find more interesting is the use of documentary¬†as a way of telling their story. Personally, I find it a little too coincidental that the documentary style season premiered the day before the new Blair Witch movie did, as they have a ton of similarities (especially the new movie poster that uses the exact same dolls that were hanging from the ceiling and trees in the show). I don’t know if American Horror Story wanted the glory of the style, wanted to “compete” with a movie of a similar nature, or genuinely wanted to use this style of filming to tell the story, but it is all too similar to one another.

I am curious as to where the show is going to go and what will happen next, but hopefully we will see a new spin on the Roanoke story and it will end up straying away from being a Blair Witch TV show.


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